Skinny: Soca competition more about pride than prize
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July 16, 2013

Skinny: Soca competition more about pride than prize

This year’s Soca Monarch, Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle says the Soca Monarch competition is more about pride than the prize.{{more}}

“More pride, less prize,” Doyle told SEARCHLIGHT in a recent interview.

Doyle, who won the 2013 Soca Monarch title with “The General” for the fifth time and second consecutive year on July 6, explained that it is very costly to prepare for the event.

But for him, it’s not about the financial gain.

“Financially, it is never worth it. Not this year, last year or anytime. To stand out in soca monarch, you cannot have a mindset of financial gain.

“Financial gain cannot be your mindset, if you are thinking that you want to do an outstanding performance, to be outstanding in Soca Monarch, you either have to have props that are done very creatively, or you must have a very outstanding presentation,” he said.

He, however, explained that an outstanding performance doesn’t mean an expensive one.

According to Doyle, last year’s performance, when he won with “Monster”, was the most inexpensive performance he has ever done.

“It was a video from the hospital of me running into the Park, and all the outfits were given to me absolutely free.

“The creativity behind it was still very impressive and outstanding. So, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money, but put a lot of thought into what you have to do…”

Skinny’s reward for winning this year’s Soca Monarch competition is a cash prize of EC$25,000 and a Nissan Skyline car.

The artist, however, said that although he is appreciative of the prizes, the car remains an expense in his opinion.

“Put it this way. Unless they are going to license and insure the vehicle for me, it is going to be another expense.

“And I can’t sell it… You understand?

“So, the thing is, giving me a vehicle that I am unable to sell is an expense, but I appreciate it…” he added.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that according to the contract, the car cannot be sold in less than four years.

The artist, who also, this year, won the Road March title for the first time, described the Soca Monarch competition as an investment.

“The music doesn’t stop here at Soca Monarch. You cop a Soca Monarch title; you validate yourself for another year,” he said.

“I have a good product out there. I have a lot of bookings, but the bookings came in before the title, but what the title does, it … validates Skinny Fabulous as formidable in the soca industry right here in the Caribbean. That’s what it does.

“And when you understand that, then you understand that if you invest in your performance and in your show or in your music, then there are long term benefits to be derived.”

Prior to 2013, Skinny Fabulous won the Soca Monarch competition in 2012, 2010, 2009 and 2008. (AA)