J’Ouvert Fanatics continue  dominance of old mas
Local Vibes
July 12, 2013

J’Ouvert Fanatics continue dominance of old mas

J’Ouvert Fanatics again made their dominance in “old mas” clear, when they took home most of the awards in the 2013 J’Ouvert competition.{{more}}

Their band, “Issues at Hand”, placed first in the Traditional Bands category, ahead of the band “Xtra in de Mortar” presented by the Green Hill Cultural and Sports Club. Third was “All Aboard” by the Fitz Hughes J’Ouvert Band.

Fanatics had a clean sweep of the J’Ouvert King and J’Ouvert Queen categories, winning first, second and third place in both competitions. J’Ouvert King was Minister of Culture Cecil McKie, who portrayed “Red-e fo landing 2014”, followed by “Butt me wid re-spec”. In third position was Aubrey Burgin with “Dan-E-Yell De Water-Man Come-in Wid His Chair Sitting on de Speaker”.

The J’Ouvert Queen title was taken by “Ah Who Responsible”, followed by “Empress D Rag-Her Soak-Her Queen” in second place. Third place was won by J’Ouvert veteran Katie Daisy, who portrayed “Jumbie Squeezing Me”.

In the Individual of J’Ouvert Category, Fanatics had to give way to Green Hill, who won with their portrayal “The Airport Spell”. Second was Fitz Hughes with “Lime Check List”; third was Green Hill with “Band of the Year”. J’Ouvert Fanatics placed fourth with “Hottest Carnival”.

Green Hill’s “Dutty Kar-Actors” took home first place in the Group category, with Fitz Hughes placing second with “Right now I am free”.

Fanatics, however, retained claim on the Couples of J’Ouvert title, with their portrayal by Ruth Reddock and Joan Millington of “Comm U Ni Kill Shun War”. Another “war”, the “Brew War”, also from Fanatics, was second in this category. Third was “Cheers for Commings” by Green Hill.

In the Painted Bands category, the winner was Country Meets Town, with their portrayal of SuperBlue.(see Facebook.com /Searchlight1 for more photos)