Blondie Bird cops King and Queen of the Bands titles
Local Vibes
July 12, 2013

Blondie Bird cops King and Queen of the Bands titles

Although all mas bands portrayed excellent craftsmanship at Dimanche Gras, it was Guinness Y de Lima Hitz FM 103.7 FM Blondie Bird and Friends who was able to take the top spots in the King and Queen of the Bands competition.{{more}}

Semone Richardson was able to bring home first place for the band in the Queen’s competition when she portrayed “Oil – Black Gold (Trinidad & Tobago)” from the presentation, “Jewels of the Caribbean”.

In an equally elaborate and well made piece, Ricardo Adams won the King of the Bands title, with the portrayal “Harrison’s Cave (Barbados)”.

In the Queen of the Band competition, SVG Players International Mas Band placed second with their portrayal “Birth of a Nation – The Garifuna” from their presentation “The Garifuna Story” while Owen Ralph & the Professionals settled in third place with “The Silver Goddess” from their presentation, “Shades of Colours”.

In the King of the Bands competition, Melbourne Artisans took second place with “Puss in Boots” from their 2013 presentation “Carnival Reincarnation” while SVG Players International took third with “An Immortal Journey”.