Digicel, RJR celebration shaking things up for J’Ouvert 2k13
Local Vibes
June 7, 2013

Digicel, RJR celebration shaking things up for J’Ouvert 2k13

On Tuesday, marketing manager for Digicel Juno DeRoche handed over a sponsorship cheque to RJR.{{more}}

The handover, which took place at Digicel’s corporate offices in Kingstown, signals the celebration of a relationship that has lasted for 10 years.

“For RJR, this year will be the sixteenth year of producing one of the most anticipated events on the Carnival Calendar, and many of the traditional sponsors have continued to express confidence in the group’s ability to provide patrons with a professional, safe, and enjoyable Vincy Mas experience. This year, RJR is also pleased to be supported by White Oak, Presidente, The News Newspaper, and Platinum Sounds,” a release from RJR said.

Patterned off the hugely popular Harlem Shake, patrons this year will be going to the Solidarity Carpark on J’Ouvert morning to SHAKE in an event filled with premium security, lots of giveaways, well-stocked bars, top soca artistes, and great music from Platinum Sounds, featuring Two Kool Chris. RJR encourages persons to dress in appropriate weird and wacky costumes, and to come out and enjoy red paint and powder this year.

The group took the opportunity to appeal to persons participating in Vincy Mas 2013 to enjoy themselves, while maintaining a sense of dignity and self-respect. “We can have fun, they stressed, without degenerating into lewd and vulgar displays.”

More information on upcoming events, as well as photos from past events can be found on the Facebook page by searching for RJR SVG.

Remember, with RJR, it is always “A Whole Lot Of Clean Fun!”