St Vincent Brewery holds sponsorship launch
Local Vibes
May 24, 2013

St Vincent Brewery holds sponsorship launch

Platinum sponsors of Vincy Mas, the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, earlier this week announced its involvement in Rural Carnival and Mas Band Sponsorship for 2013.{{more}}

On Tuesday, the various Mas Bands and Rural Committees gathered at the St Vincent Brewery’s canteen to acknowledge the contribution of the Brewery to these aspects of Vincy Mas.

At the sponsorship launch, chairpersons of the various bands and committees expressed their gratitude to the St Vincent Brewery Ltd for its generosity to them for Vincy Mas 2013.

Guinness Blondie Bird and Friends, the Band of the Year champion for the last three years, and the band which has enjoyed sponsorship from the Brewery for the longest period, said thank you to the St Vincent Brewery for their support over the years. Blondie also commented on how pleased they were to see other Mas Bands receive sponsorship from the St Vincent Brewery. The additional Mas Bands being sponsored this year are: High Voltage, Ahdrenalin, Xtreme Fanatics, My Imagination, Owen Ralph, Tribes, and SVG Players, among others.

This year, St Vincent and the Grenadines saw for the first time, a merger between the various rural carnival committees and the St Vincent Brewery confirmed their sponsorship commitment to almost all the rural carnival activities. During the launch, Regional Commercial Manager Shafia London confirmed that the St Vincent Brewery promises to continue to be heavily involved in every aspect of Vincy Mas for many years to come.