Network SVG says ‘Iza Fetta’ for this carnival
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May 24, 2013

Network SVG says ‘Iza Fetta’ for this carnival

The Network SVG is going above and beyond to provide revellers with more options on Carnival Monday, July 8.{{more}}

In its third year of existence, the all-inclusive T-shirt band’s presentation is dubbed “Iza Fetta”.

In addition to the T-shirts that will be available in neon green, neon orange and white, The Network SVG has introduced two other unique packages: a frontline piece and a kiddies’ package.

Band manager Stacy Balcombe-Peters stopped by SEARCHLIGHT to share the exciting details.

“The frontline is a bit more exclusive and it’s just for the ladies,” Balcombe-Peters explained. “It’s a different look, a bit more exotic”.

Although parents may have bought T-shirts for their children in the past, this is the first year that any T-shirt band in St Vincent has offered a kiddies’ package.

“That will be our Network Kiddies’ Jam,” the manager said.

Balcombe-Peters observed that it is important for the local band to support local products and so, all products used by the Monday T-shirt band are locally produced.

“For instance, one of our major sponsors, Sunset Rum, which has been with us from day one and Hairoun Beer, which has come on board with us this year,” she pointed out. “As well as Searles peanuts, which will be included in persons’ package when they come and collect their package”.

Additionally, Balcombe-Peters declared that revellers can expect an exciting day, due to the extensive line-up of deejays and artistes that will be on board The Network truck.

“The deejays that will be on the truck: Chemical X, Pitbull, Hyperactive, Ice Cold, DJ CJ and from Jamaica…coming in just for carnival, is DJ Billy,” she said.

The Network SVG package, which comes at a cost of EC$40, includes a T-shirt in one’s desired colour and an array of accessories: mugs, bandanas, mardi gras beads and sunglasses.

“We also have condoms to promote safe sex during the carnival,” the manager mentioned.

Beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, will also be available for persons that are a part of the movement.

Under their motto “A movement for the people, by the people”, Balcombe-Peters encourages persons to join in on the fun and share in a band that is people driven.

“It is a non-funded corporate Monday jam t-shirt band and it’s a band that is made up of creative Vincentians coming together and try to offer a unique concept for Carnival Monday,” she said.

The manager expressed thanks to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), as well as the Police Commissioner for making the band’s preparations go smoothly.

Other sponsors on board for this year’s presentation include C.K. Greaves, Daddy Tours, Amerijet, Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG), Metrocint General Insurance, Aycees Inc, Star Garage, Ben’s Auto Rental and KP Marine Ltd.

Orders can be made using email address: and T-shirts will be available for pick up from June 7. For more information, persons can visit the T-shirt band’s page on Facebook named The Network SVG.