‘Homie’ out with three new songs for Vincy Mas
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May 24, 2013

‘Homie’ out with three new songs for Vincy Mas

Carnival has just begun, but Glenroy “Homie” Delpeche is out of the blocks and has already released three songs for the 2013 season.{{more}}

Although Delpeche considers himself as a soca artiste, this year he has released a calypso: “St Vincent will rise again”.

“My calypso…I think it’s a very powerful song. It was made for the upliftment of Vincentians in these hard times,” the artiste explained.

“Bare Skin” is one of the two soca songs that Homie has produced this year, which was recently launched.

“It’s the party song,” he declared.

While his style is usually compared to Antigua’s Burning Flames, Homie stresses that his manner of singing is what separates him from all other artistes.

“The kind of music I produce, I’m different. I sound like me,” he noted.

“People would say that’s either Homie or Burning Flames, but most people can tell the difference”.

The Vincentian artiste is also very supportive of other local artistes, as he told SEARCHLIGHT that “they always come good every year”.

“All the artistes are really good. The standards are very high and these guys keep coming hard every year,” Delpeche said.

Additionally, high praises were given to Vincy Mas and the quality carnival that is produced every year, especially in comparison to other countries that also have a carnival season.

“I think the music that we have is different. We talk different, so we say different things differently and our beats are a lot different,” the “Stampede” performer noted.

Delpeche believes that Vincy Mas 2013 has started on a good note, particularly because most radio stations have opted to play local music, the majority of the times. He also mentioned that so far, it has been violence free and that he wishes for the season to remain that way.

Although he has yet to earn a title, Homie intends to contest for the Soca, Ragga Soca and Calypso monarch titles.

“I hope they find it fit in my favour and put one (a crown) on my head this year,” he said.

Homie is a member of the local band, Solocian, and is known for his hits“Bouncing Boots”, “Mojo Dance” and “Stampede”.