Vincy Mas 2013 off to good start in New York
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May 10, 2013

Vincy Mas 2013 off to good start in New York

by Maxwell Haywood Fri May 10, 2013

John “The Truth” Dougan came out on top last Saturday evening, after performing during the Launch of Vincy Mas 2013 New Song Competition in New York.{{more}}

The competition, held at the Bamboo Garden in Brooklyn, took place during the New York launch of Vincy Mas, now in its seventh year. The competition was organized by Level Vibes, led by Ainsley Primus,

Exuding energy and confidence on stage, The Truth dethroned last year’s winner I-Madd and overpowered 11 other performers with his song titled “I Never”. He won the Soca Devil Trophy, named after the late Vincentian soca artiste named Cyril “Soca Devil” Lewis. These 12 artistes did not give The Truth much space to defeat them. He narrowly beat David “Chang I” Morgan, who placed second with his song titled “100% Vinci,” and Darren “Brewskie” Murray, who placed third with his song titled “Take Me Back”. MC Bennett Straker held the audience in suspense as he announced the winners.

After his victory, The Truth said “It feels good to win this New Song Competition. My fans are very glad for me too. I look forward to promoting this party song and my social commentary song for this year.” He added that “the competition was very good. The other performers did an excellent job. I am proud of them.”

The Truth, who hails from Ginger Village, Marriaqua, in St Vincent and the Grenadines is no stranger to performing on stage. He is a skillful trumpeter, who played for the bands Exodus, Clymax, St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Band, and Short Shirt’s Ghetto Band in Antigua. Furthermore, he has won several soca competitions in New York and has performed in SVG’s National Calypso Monarch competition on numerous occasions.

The performers who competed in the New Song Competition of the Launch of Vincy Mas 2013 in New York included: Francesco “Seco” Edwards, with his song “Eat it”; Kenroy “Jakie” Jack, with “It’s Carnival”; Darren “Brewskie” Murray, with “Take me back”; Dennis “Honey Boy Bells” Jackson, with “It is what it is”; David “Chang I” Morgan, with “100% Vincy”; Tyrone “Fabulous T” Pierre, with “Carnival is my thing”; Filmore “Philly Dilly” with “Whine wine wine”; John “The Truth” Dougan, with “I never”; Nori “Kappa” Dacosta, with “Come”; Owen “Vibes SVG” Joyett Jr, with “Till your mother come”; Francis “Stryker” Brown, with “Romantic soca”; Marvin “Bobb MC” Bobb, with “Mammy and daddy”; and Paul “I-Madd” Scrubb, with “Jumbie”.

In a written message, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Cecil McKie said: “We sincerely appreciate this remarkable selection of ownership on your part which undoubtedly translates into quality performers in the various shows at the national level, expertise in advancing Carnival and other Cultural activities in the Diaspora and nationally and encouraging and convincing persons in the Diaspora to ‘Come Home’ for Carnival each year. This is truly Cultural Tourism at work.”

The Minister also said: “Congratulations are in order to all partners for committing and persevering with the New York Launch of Vincy Mas for the past few years. This is a clear indication that our largest National Cultural Festival is dear to your hearts and that you fully identify with and take responsibility for promoting, advancing and developing Carnival at home and abroad.”

The president of Level Vibes, Ainsley Primus, stated that “the show was a success. The standard was high. The competition was very keen. More artistes had their songs ready quite early in the festive carnival season. The Launch of Vincy Carnival in New York gets better and better each year.”

The three DJs who provided musical accompaniment were DJ Lagga, Supa Eyes, and EZ-Sounds. Alson Thomas made a guest appearance with his newly released song. Deputy Consul General Edson Augustus brought greetings on behalf of the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.