D Kamp collaborates on ‘D Kampire Way’
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January 15, 2013

D Kamp collaborates on ‘D Kampire Way’

A group of young and talented minds are teaming up to make a film that depicts love, friendship and grief in the local music industry.{{more}}

The movie is being filmed and produced by the musical group, D Kamp.

D Kamp boss Colville” ShaDy” Layne said they decided to shoot a documentary type film to gain maximum exposure for their latest project, “D Kampire Way” — their first collaborative album.

“Basically we will be releasing a album and a movie both entitled D Kampire Way … There is no set time on the release of both projects, but they will be coming this year and Vincentians are guaranteed to enjoy both these projects,” Layne said.

The movie is based on a group of individuals, bonded by similar a goal —making music.

“It shows the quest of the group, the formation of the group, the relationships they grew to cherish and the internal battles they faced as a group, personally and in the music industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Regarding the album, Layne said they have already released several songs and music videos.

They include, “Wise Words” by J Sly, “Hold Me” by Coranie, and Shady’s “These Streets”.

The most recent track off the album is “The Highest”.

A video for this song is slated to be released at the end of the month.

The song features Miami Don, J Sly and ShaDy, and was produced by Dj Prime for SoundBlast Ent.

“We intend to put out a spectacular production … Local artists J Sly, Miami Don, Coranie, Ako, Skool, Idow, Zairo and myself included make up D Kamp but we will also involve other music movements, such as Prez of HypeSquad, Fross (Bridgeboyz), Abuzanimah (The Mark Cyrus movement) and a few more will make appearances in the movie in a effort to keep the movement collective and productive as a nation’s project and not just a Kamp effort,” Layne said.

The artiste revealed that they are currently finishing the final stages of the screenplay and will commence filming in four weeks.

“This is a Vincentian effort for the benefit of Vincentians,” Layne further stated. (AA)