C.W. Prescod gets musical boost from son of namesake
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November 9, 2012

C.W. Prescod gets musical boost from son of namesake

A variety of talent was displayed at the Thompson Home on Tuesday, as students and staff of the C.W. Prescod School said thank you to resident Patrick Prescod for his generous donation of a grand piano.{{more}}

Patrick Prescod, the son of the school’s namesake, has been a prominent music figure in St Vincent and the Grenadines over several decades. He was a teacher, music officer, composer, and the organist and choirmaster in the Kingstown Methodist church. He also formed the Chorale Group, now known as the New Kingstown Chorale. Among his compositions is the hymn “The Right Hand of God.”

The students entertained Prescod and other residents of the Home with items ranging from lively steel pan music to a beautiful cultural dance.

A rendition of “He Raised Me Up” was played on the keyboard by Ancar Gordon, a grade six student.

Being inspired it seemed, Prescod offered up his talents and also played a musical piece on the keyboard.

Prescod said that he had moved into the Thompson Home because house-keeping had become difficult.

However, his piano was not being used and he wanted it to be used.

“I remember…the school is named after my father and I heard that they had a vibrant music programme, and so I knew that was the place for it (the piano) to go,” Prescod said.

Yvette Antoine, the headteacher of the C.W. Prescod School, expressed her gratitude to Prescod for his generous donation.

“We have a very good music programme…I know that this donation, this generous donation, is going to help us with our musical capabilities,” she said.

Keslon “Taffa” Wilson, the music teacher, also stated that the donation of the grand piano is of tremendous value to the school.

Wilson pointed out that the school’s music programme teaches students to play various instruments, including the recorder and steel pan.

He further stated that “one of the aspects that have been missing is actually teaching the children how to play the piano.”

The music teacher said that the grand piano, in addition to their lone electronic piano, can now be used to teach interested students how to play the piano.

Nearing the end of the ceremony, Prescod expressed his appreciation for the presentations made by the school.

“I am so moved by what you’ve done this morning,” he said.

The former organist shared with the students what he felt were the positives and negatives of music.

“Music is a strange thing,” Prescod said. “It can take you to heaven and it can take you to hell and I hope you know the difference.”

Presentations of a bouquet of flowers and a gift basket were made to Prescod by students of the primary school.

A presentation of a fruit basket was also made to the Thompson Home.