Local Vibes
August 3, 2012
Arabesque Dance Company puts on its fifth show

The Arabesque Dance Company may be one of the more recently-founded local dance groups, but its members put on a colourful and entertaining show recently.{{more}}

Led by founder and head choreographer Juanita Phillips, dance members displayed high energy and talent at ‘Colour Me Dance’, at the Peace Memorial Hall on July 21 and July 22.

Phillips, who founded the dance group in 2008, said: “This recent show went very well. I particularly enjoyed the second night, because the hiccoughs from the first night were corrected.”

Dance members performed 20 routines, using movements influenced by traditional, ballet, hip hop and African dancing.

This being the dance company’s fifth production, Phillips said that she has endeavoured to continually improve the shows that she has coordinated over the years.

‘Colour Me Dance’ did just that,” she explained. “This one outdid ‘Cabaret’, which was the first show we put on.”

Phillips further said that in future, she hopes to start entering her dance students in regional dance shows and competitions. She also said that she will be focusing more on directing and less on performing with the dancers.

“My stage time is pretty much coming to an end!” she announced.

Arabesque Dance Company currently has 71 members, divided into Toddlers, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors sections.(JV)