Local Vibes
July 13, 2012
Steel pan side Sion Hill shows its mettle

When it comes to steel pan music, the Sion Hill Euphonium knows a thing or two about smooth pan play. And after winning this year’s Senior Panorama competition, making it four years in a row, it is safe to say they know a lot about winning.{{more}}

In their quest to pull off the beaver trick, the 52-member band, led by arranger Seion Gomez, captured the crowd’s attention from the time their pan sticks greeted the shiny metal in front of them at the Victoria Park, on Thursday, July 5, at the Steel and Glitter show.

Playing ‘Pan Revolution’ by calypso artiste Rejector, the band’s bright facial expressions and huge smiles reflected their stylish and precise playing.

The jubilant group members, who went wild when the winner was announced, could hardly contain themselves when it was time for a group photograph to be taken.

Sion Hill, once again, managed to bump Sea Operations Ltd Starlift Steel Orchestra into second position with their rendition of ‘Mas at Victoria’ by the ABC of calypso, Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus.
For a second consecutive year, the Potential Steel Orchestra had to settle for the third spot, with their rendition of ‘ Set it off’ by Winston Soso.

Coming in fourth was the Solidarity Inc. Elite Steel Orchestra, with their rendition ‘Vincy sweet and nice’ by Ziggy.

Sion Hill’s arranger Seion Gomez said that the band worked extremely hard this year and did not take their competition lightly.

“We are really happy that we won. We feel as if we have achieved…,” Gomez said.

Gomez, who has been the arranger for the band for the past five years, added that they try to come up with something different each year and try to approach the competition the same way.

“Anybody could win. We never think we are the only band in there, so we always come prepared knowing that there are six other bands,” he added.

Senior member of the band, pan sensation Rodney Small, admitted that although he is happy for another win, he is getting too accustomed to the feeling.

“To the back of my mind, I always say great preparation brings great success, so we kinda expected it and that is why we do not take things for granted,” he said.

The other pan sides in the competition were: the Scotia Bank South East Steel Orchestra, who gave a good account of themselves with their rendition ‘Pan Dream’ by Skarpyon, Dynamic Stars of Union Island with ‘Woodlice in my pocket’ by Defoe, and Mustique Charitable Trust Georgetown All Stars with “Wake Up the Party” by Scorcher.