Local Vibes
April 20, 2012

Fri, Apr 20. 2012

Twenty-two year-old Shanique Coricia Browne is resident of Enhams and is a past student of the Belmont Government School and the St. Vincent Girls’ High School. She asserts that the formal and informal education she received at these institutions, in addition to the example of her mother, has set her on the right path to becoming an exceptional woman.

Shanique, being an avid reader, has won several writing competitions as a student and cites reading as not only a leisure activity but a catalyst to good communication skills.

While her primary motivation to enter the pageant is the offer of a scholarship, she acknowledges that entering a pageant has many advantages from which she intends to benefit. Shanique lists determination and passion as personal attributes which will propel her forward in her endeavour to win the crown.