Mr. Devious returns with mixtape for release mid-April
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April 5, 2012
Mr. Devious returns with mixtape for release mid-April

Vincentian recording artiste Jalon “Mr. Devious” Shortte, who now resides in Tortola, says he will be making a comeback to the music scene following a six year absence.{{more}}

“Nah like we,” a track done for Carnival 2006, was the last soca song released locally by Mr Devious, before he migrated.

Better described as a Dancehall artiste, Mr. Devious told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, April 2, that he plans to make his comeback with a new mixtape, comprising Dancehall and Hiphop songs, scheduled to be released mid-April.

“The songs are going to keep you wanting more, and I know people are gonna enjoy them,” he said.

Mr. Devious said that after leaving his homeland in January 2007, he decided to take a break from recording to get settled in his new environment.

According to Devious, he left St Vincent just when his career was “entering a developing point”, and as a new artiste in a new island, it was difficult getting studio time.

“I was now settling in with work and everything, and added to that, I hardly knew people in the music industry there,” he said.

However, it didn’t take long for the local artiste to find the right clique, though. After settling in and memorizing the names of the streets and meeting persons within the music industry there, it was time to get back up on the saddle and continue his musical journey.

“The fact that people down here (Tortola) didn’t know about me and my music, it was hard to make an entrance back into the art form that I love so much, but eventually with hard work and perseverance I’m on the right path again,” he stated.

Originally from the village of Cedars, Mr Devious was enthused with music from an early age. He began writing songs for himself at age 13, and by age 17 he was performing on stage at several locally organized events.

His first recorded track was “John Brown”, back in 1998, which received airplay on several radio stations, according to Shortte, and was a hit in local clubs and could be heard blasting in mini buses on a day-to-day basis.

“John Brown” also earned Mr Devious the opportunity to perform on a number of local talent shows as well as guest appearances at school events.

Other notable songs released by Shortte include “Done”, “Dear Ghetto”, and “Out ah street”, which features another local artiste, Landlord.

Despite living on the Windward side of the island, determined to pursue his musical dreams, Mr Devious said he frequently visited the capital Kingstown, where he mingled with some of the country’s well renowned artistes such as Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, who was also his classmate at the St Vincent Grammar School.

“Skinny is me friend from long time. In fact he was my best friend in secondary school,” he noted.

“I really started out with another artiste from back in the day, Little Terror, and from there we all used to hang out and make music together,” he added.

One of the most popular songs for the artiste came in 2006, with a collaboration entitled “Bedroom Gangster”, which featured Skinny Fabulous and another local recording artiste, Virgin.

Not wanting to reminisce too much, Mr Devious says he has enjoyed his time as an artiste, although not gaining the exposure he had hoped for.

“Right now, my focus is on making a comeback to the musical scene and to create music for people to enjoy. Since I’ve been here, I’ve met some people who’ve been involved in music as producers and also artistes, and they’ve given me the support thus far,” he further noted.

Mr. Devious says he is currently in studios recording new tracks and working along with a Vincentian producer by the name of Black Sage, who also resides in Tortola.

“The plan is to release the first set of new songs via the internet on Youtube, as well as Facebook.

“By doing this, the public will be made aware that I’m back. So no worries, persons can soon look forward to hearing new tracks from me, Mr Devious.”(AA)