Local Vibes
September 2, 2011
Vincentians treated to Red Carpet Event

The brilliance and ambiance previously advertised and promised was delivered last Saturday as guests were treated to a brilliant display of talent at the Red Carpet Event dubbed “What they Missed”.{{more}} The triple show production, organized by Alphasound Studio Music Academy and Driven Music Ministries, took place at the Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

The Red Carpet event saw the Peace Memorial Hall transformed as participants were greeted with gospel music from the Faith Temple Church band, as they choose either to lounge and listen or have their photos taken on the red carpet by a professional photographer.

Guests then made their way up to the auditorium, where after a slight late start they were treated to a display of musical talent in the first segment of the show. Artists, including Shanique Browne, Joslyn Parris and Kevor Summers, lifted up the name of Jesus through song, while Glenroy Gurley belted out ‘Falling in love with Jesus” on Saxophone. The band Driven also took the stage to engage the audience in a worship session.

The art of preparation and the influence of music on a society were discussed during the second segment of the triple show production. Guest speakers Alphanzo “Sleepy” Richards, Nolwyn Mcdowall and Westwick Williams gave brief exhortations on the respective topics.

Richards gave tips on preparation of a show, including starting on time, finishing before time and allowing the show to flow, while Mcdowall shared the difference between music and noise, stating that music must do something to bond our hearts with the heart of God. Westwick Williams then pointed out the differences between secular music and music of the church.

The night then wrapped up with performances in song by Yoland Francis, Juanita Hunte, Lizanna Pollard, Ronnie Richards and Gospel band Emeralds, while Edmira Walker added a variation to the night with a monologue.

The band Driven then returned to the stage to close off the night, with a lively session of worship and performances of original songs, including the theme song of the event, an original “What they Missed.”

Leader of Driven Curtis Williams, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT a few days after the event, said that he rated the show a 70 per cent success on the basis of what he wanted it to be and what indeed happened at the show. He, however, stated that for the team’s first try at a big event, it wasn’t “too bad”, and added that he received satisfactory reviews from persons who attended the show.

Williams also explained the message behind the theme of the event “What they Missed.” He stated that it speaks about people’s misconception of someone where they will usually have negative things to say about a person. However, what they would have missed is when the person encounters a personal experience with God which changed their life, they may still focus on the negative instead of seeing the positive changes in that person’s life.

Williams also expressed thanks to the many supporters who assisted him in the production. Red Carpet photos of guests at the show can, however, be viewed at the Driven SVG Facebook page.