Support vendors with food handler’s badge, says Wood
Local Vibes
June 24, 2011
Support vendors with food handler’s badge, says Wood

Patrons attending Carnival activities at Victoria Park have been encouraged to support Vendors trained in food handling.{{more}}

This encouragement came from CEO of the Carnival Development Corporation Ashford Wood, making comments on behalf of Dennis Ambrose, Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation, during a recently held press conference.

“Persons purchasing food on the streets are asked to be aware and support the vendors who display the food handler’s badge,” Wood said.

He added that persons wearing these badges underwent training in safe food handling. He further encouraged persons to buy from these vendors to ‘eliminate the risk of food problems.’

Wood added that officers from the Public Health Department will assist the CDC in monitoring this activity.

Vendors were also reminded to desist from selling drinks in Mas Bands. “This activity of ice boxes and trolleys in bands will not be tolerated. Persons must be allowed to enjoy and play Mas without this type of nuisance,” Wood added.

He further stated that the police will be assisting the CDC to ensure that the vendors adhere to instructions.(OS).