Comedian ‘Shebada’ to perform in SVG
Local Vibes
March 4, 2011

Comedian ‘Shebada’ to perform in SVG

His prowess on stage is unmatched, his DVDs are in nearly every household and sold on street corners, his name is on the tongues of moviegoers across the Caribbean. Who is he? None other than Keith “Shebada” Ramsey, out of Kingston, Jamaica.{{more}}

And come Sunday, March 13, at 8pm, the Victoria Park will be transformed into a laughing arena as Ramsey and his crew will grace the stage in a show called “GHETTOUT”.

Organizers of the event, One 784 Promotions and One Love Promotions, told SEARCHLIGHT the show is mainly aimed at providing good wholesome entertainment for the people of St Vincent.

Head of One 784 Promotions Xavin Llewellyn said it is not often that a household name such as ‘Shebada’ gets to grace the stages of this country. “We normally put on parties and so on, but we wanted to do something of a difference so that the whole family can enjoy,” Llewellyn said.

GHETTOUT, which is written by Michael Denton and directed by B.L. Allen, mirrors the struggles and triumphs of ghetto life, rendering a portrayal that is lifelike and definitely a reality for many Jamaicans.

Jahwanza Fraser, head of One Love, said the whole idea for the show came about a long time ago. “I was walking through Kingstown and see all dem vendors selling Shebada CD, so I got on my Blackberry and messaged a couple people and they gave me the thumbs up,” Fraser noted.

Fraser said Vincentians can expect nothing but the best come March 13. “We [are] just appealing to the public to come out, bring their families and have a fun time,” Fraser added.

He said a few DJ’s have been making remarks that Shebada is homosexual and he should not be brought here. In response, Fraser said, “We are not promoting that kind of thing. How do they know that? We are doing this to share a laugh among the people of the cuntry.”

Many may know Shebada from his starring roles in “Bashment Granny”, “Shebada comes to town”, “Like father like son”, “Di Driva” and “Bashment Granny 2”.

Tickets can be purchased from the following outlets: Chubby’s Barber Shop in the Cambridge building, Ferdie’s Footstep in Georgetown, Subway, South Barber shop, Bobby’s Fruit stand, Kelly’s Tyre shop in Questelles and Pulse.

Sponsors of this event include: IKTV, Carib Beer, Mackeson, Subway, Finishing and Furnishing, Mandela Inc., Courts, Ras Ital Vegetarian Cuisine and Kye’s.

An afterparty will follow the show, with entertainment coming from a few local acts.