10 men to battle Joy-C for calypso crown
Local Vibes
June 22, 2010
10 men to battle Joy-C for calypso crown

She may not be among the ten contenders, or even the woman wearing the crown, but one can be assured that the presence of ‘Sue’ will be felt at this year’s{{more}} Dimanche Gras calypso finals.

The virtual lady was the focus of a number of the political commentaries performed by calypsonians vying for a place in the July 4 finals, at last weekend’s Fantastic Friday semifinals competition which saw three former monarchs earning places among the finalists.

Kenneth Alleyne, The Vibrating Scakes with his song ‘Amnesia’ joins Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance who performed ‘This country needs a healing’ and Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar with his rendition ‘Congratulations are in order’ as the three calypsonians who will once again try to wrest the crown from sitting monarch ‘Joy C’.

The judges also gave the nod to Fitzroy ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph (Haiti a blessed day is coming), Robert ‘Patches’ Knights (Way the good people gone), Ralph ‘Struggler’ Richards (Papa Sue), Robby ‘Soharo’ Hackshaw (Vincy Rhymes), Michael ‘Bosault’ Daniel (Where do we go from here), Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis (World Crisis), and Alexis ‘Lexi’ Joseph (Red Rat).

Last Friday’s semifinal action saw the majority of calypsonians, ably backed musically by the bands, ‘Next Level’ and ‘Akcess’, performing politically themed songs- some pro and some anti government- much to the delight of the small, but appreciative crowd in attendance at the Victoria Park.

The 22 performers from four calypso tents put their best foot forward with their one allotted semifinal song. The finalists will be required to perform two songs.

Many of the creatively crafted political pieces performed last Friday evening in some way invoked the presence of Sue, although it is safe to say that none of the performers would appreciate a visit from the mighty lady.

“Sue” is thought to be a reference to the large number of defamation law suits filed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in recent times.

The calypsonians who missed out on Dimanche Gras this year are: Exposer, Sherikah, Man Zangie, Zion I, Ranking Bash, Striker, GC, Bump I, Black Messenger, Jah Burke, Sunny Banks and Brother Don.