Local Vibes
May 21, 2010
Who will be Miss Layou 2010?

This evening, Friday, May 21, six young women will compete for the Miss Layou 2010 title in a pageant to be held at the Layou Hard Court.{{more}}

The show, which is being organized by the Layou Cultural and Sports Association in collaboration With the National Commercial Bank and Hairoun Beer, begins at 8:00 p.m.

The contestants in the show are: Rickeisha Douglas – Miss Butcher’s Bar; Josata Jacobs – Miss Ruddy’s Electrical; Deanzer Hamlet – Miss Concrete and Aggregate; Michealla Hannaway – Miss Shelista; Tris_Ann Baptiste – Miss L.C.S.A; Danille Mathews – Miss I.C.E.

Music will be provided by Seargeant Simmons and Furious Soundz, with the Ladies man Skarpyon being the guest artiste.

Following the show, there will be J’Ouvert under the theme: “The People from Markstone”. There will be a T-Shirt band for the Street jump up from 4 tomorrow afternoon.