Local Vibes
May 21, 2010
Miss SVG lasses expected to shine at Victoria Park

If all goes according to plan, many things will be different at this year’s Miss SVG pageant.{{more}}

For one, you won’t hear the word “touristses”, see the same evening gowns or recycled talent performances ever again.

According to Chairman of the Beauty Shows Committee (BSC) Cheryl Rodriguez, her executive has gone the extra mile to make sure that this year’s pageant will be one to remember for its positive attributes.

Thanks to a 100 per cent attendance at practice sessions by the contestants so far, along with the full cooperation from the chaperones, and some tweaking here and there, Rodriguez said that the true personalities and characters of the contestants are expected to shine through at the Victoria Park in one week’s time.

According to the Chairman, a special interest has been taken in the talent performances of the contestants, with the board members of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) along with other representatives attending the talent showcase and offering suggestions and tips to the participants.

Rodriguez indicated that the contestants were being assisted by Dance Development Officer in the Ministry of Culture, Maxine Browne, in order for them to bring out their best.

She also hinted that the pageantry experience garnered by a number of the contestants in previous shows is a plus for the competition, as the contestants have an idea of what is expected of them; while the first timers are just as eager to prove themselves and are equally up to the task that lies ahead of them.

When asked about the record number of contestants in this year’s pageant – ten, Rodriguez said that the quantity and quality of young ladies who showed interest in being in the pageant caused the Beauty Shows Committee to raise the number of finalists from eight to ten.

According to Rodriguez, applicants who did not make the cut this year will more than likely appear in the competition next year.

Also a first this year is the number of new sponsors, who Rodriguez said are pleased with the work of the BSC and have, therefore, decided to ‘throw their hats’ into the ring.

These include the Agricultural Input Warehouse, Hafran Caribe, Jergens (through Corea’s) and Metrocint General Insurance Co Ltd (through Vincentian Publishing).

All being said and done, Rodriguez acknowledged that the final say will be that of the ten young ladies vying for the title of Queen of Carnival and to represent this country at Miss Carival and other regional and international pageants.

She said that she is confident that they will do their best. (JJ)