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March 26, 2010
Five young ladies contend for Miss Stubbs Easterval

Who will be crowned Miss Stubbs Easterval?

This question will be answered on Saturday, April 3, 2010, when five beautiful lasses take to the stage at the Stubbs Pre-School.{{more}}

Vying for the coveted title of Miss Stubbs Easterval 2010, which will be featuring different flowers are: Julesia Browne, Radekah Doyle, Nadika Haywood, Rosita Pollin, and Daneil Soleyn.

During the interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Browne an 18-year-old student of the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia representing the Sun Flower appeared very composed. Once she takes this cool confidence into the pageant she can be a strong contender for the title.

The fifth former said she has a good package which comprises of beauty and intelligence that will give her the edge above the other competitors.

“I know for sure I am intelligent and I have what it takes, as I said before, to take part in this show and win,” noted Browne, whose desire is to become a nurse.

Her hobbies are dancing, singing, and reading.

Doyle, who previously entered Miss North Windward, Miss South Rivers, and Miss Easterval 2009, said she has the experience and is confident that she is going to take home the crown. She is aspiring to become a nurse or a hair dresser.

Representing the Water Lily, Doyle a 17-year-old student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, enjoys playing netball, dancing, and socialising with friends.

Haywood, the 14-year-old Hibiscus representative is participating in a pageant for the first time. She noted that she is intelligent, beautiful, talented, and has all that it takes to win.

The Form Two Adelphi student’s aspiration is to become a lawyer.

Seventeen-year-old Pollin, who will be representing the Orchid plant, expressed that she is hoping to do her best.

Identifying dancing, modelling, and singing as her favourite hobbies, the St.Clair Deacon student is planning to use them to her advantage in her quest to clinch the crown.

The fourth former’s dream is to become a medical doctor.

The free spirited Soleyn is bubbling with excitement and is revving to go. A third form student of the St. Clair Deacon Secondary School, Soleyn disclosed that this is the third beauty show that she is entering.

The 15-year-old, who desires to become a paediatrician, stated that she is banking on her self confidence to help her to win the crown. Her hobbies are dancing and reading.

Marsha John, Coordinator of the pageant, told SEARCHLIGHT this is the second year she is staging the event.

This year’s event, she said, is being held under the theme “Linking the Community Through Beauty Pride and Fashion.”

“There are a lot of young ladies living in the community and a lot of them have been approaching me wanting to take part in a beauty show or talent show,” said John, explaining the reason for creating an outlet to showcase the young women’s talent.

“I know they would do well because it’s a competition and everybody will do well. I am confident that everybody will do their best,” said John.

John, a pre-school teacher by profession, once held the title of Miss South Windward which she won in 1990. She also held the coveted title of JEMS Miss Emancipation, and participated in several other pageants.

Assisting John in making the pageant a reality are: Hair dresser Allison Ince, Ada Francois, and Iyande Joslyn.