Local Vibes
July 10, 2009
Victory a blessing for Joy C

Winning this year’s crown means a whole lot more than the prestige and honour that goes with the title to Bridgette “Joy C” Creese.

She is in debt due to her four-year battle with stomach cancer.{{more}}

“I still owe my personal doctor about $60,000,” she said.

Joy C beat back 10 other competitors to capture the title and told SEARCHLIGHT after her emotional crowning, that the victory was truly a blessing.

The 48-year-old mother of two told SEARCHLIGHT that after all the ups and downs associated with her cancer battle, she now feels “99 per cent good”.

One reporter asked her if she considered turning to the church instead of coming back to the calypso scene as other entertainers has done in similar situations.

But while she claims to be a “highly spiritual woman,” Joy C said that rather than keeping her positive messages in the church, she chose to continue to bring them to the wider audience of the world.

“I always have a message,”she said, as she thanked God for bringing her back and told SEARCHLIGHT she plans to sing until God says no more.

Based on the way she performed her two numbers, “Master card” and “Taste of freedom” on Dimanche Gras night, there is no doubt that the woman known as the iron lady of calypso, has a lot more singing to do.(KC)