Bird and Players grab King and Queen
Local Vibes
July 10, 2009
Bird and Players grab King and Queen

The best of the best came out not only in the calypso arena last Sunday at Dimanche Gras, but also in the King and Queens of the bands competition.{{more}}

After 14 appearances, it was Guinness, Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends and KFC SVG Players who came out at the top of their categories.

Blondie Bird and Friends took the King of the Bands title with their costume entitled “Wild Meat Cook Up”, from their 2009 presentation Cuisine. The costume was carried by veteran masquerader Atiba Waldron. The piece depicted the popular wild meats that are used as delicacies here including the manicou and the iguana.

Other ingredients of a wild meat cook-up were also displayed on the costume.

Blondie Bird and Friend held off the challenge by Players, whose contender “Blood Diamonds” from Expo Zaragoza, carried by Kevin Dickson secured the second position.

Third place went to Pepsi Melbourne Artisans with their portrayal of “Montezuma – Last Emperor of the Aztec Empire” from their presentation of Tales of the Indies. The costume was carried by Gordon ‘Taya’ Boucher.

The Queen’s division was won by Players, whose portrayal of “St. Vincent My Homeland”, worn by Jenilee Glasgow came out ahead of the others.

The costume, which showed a map outline of St. Vincent and the Grenadines also portrayed some of this country’s rich heritage and culture.

Second place went to Blondie Bird and Friends, with their portrayal of “Sorrell” from their Cuisine presentation. The costume was worn by Simone Richardson.

Paulette Culzac, portraying “Beautiful Butterfly” from the band Gatorade, The News Newspaper, Heineken Dragons presentation of Razzle Dazzle: Through the eyes of a Dragon took the third position.(JJ)