Local Vibes
June 26, 2009
Ambrose: Let the children play their mas

As the young revelers prepare to showcase their costumes on stage and on the road for the 2009 Junior Carnival show, the warning is going out once again for non revelers to refrain from trespassing into the ranks of the masqueraders.{{more}}

The appeals came from Chairman of the Carnival Bands Association Hugh Ragguette and Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation Dennis Ambrose.

The men were speaking at the CDC’s press conference at CDC office at Victoria Park on Wednesday morning.

Ambrose, opening the day’s proceedings, among other things, called on the adults to allow the youngsters, whom he described as vibrant and energetic, to display their costumes and play mas with as little intrusion as possible.

“Parents can walk alongside the band or the back of the band and avoid getting inside the band. Please let the children play their mas.

“There is really no need for a large number of adults to mix themselves into the band at the same time.”

Ambrose indicated that there will be adults in the bands (Band Marshals)who are allowed to supervise the young revelers, so there is no need for parents or unauthorized adults to enter the bands.

Raguette joined in with Ambrose, who indicated that Junior Carnival has grown by leaps and bounds, and said that persons coming to Victoria Park tomorrow will be witnessing a grand, entertaining spectacle from the Junior Masqueraders.

He said that the number of participants have increased, meaning that the youngsters may need more time to parade and more freedom on the road, which is usually hampered by invaders.

“Junior Carnival is for juniors, it belongs to them, and once again we want to appeal to those who have no rights, to stay away from the bands as they parade to Victoria Park and as they leave Victoria Park for the Up Town Competition.

Ragguette said that the CBA has been assured by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force that they will be more vigilant in the protection of the interest of the Junior mas players.

He called on persons to discipline themselves and stay out of the parade.

“If you invade the bands, prepare to face the consequences,” Raguette said.

The bands will be vying for the Sylvia Wilson DaSilva Junior Band of the Year Trophy. (JJ)