Local Vibes
June 19, 2009
Icon keeping feet firmly planted on the ground

Some entertainers get “five dollars fame” and develop a “million dollar attitude”, but fans of the reigning road march King Garett “Icon” John don’t have to fear that happening to him.{{more}}

2008 was a break-out year for the 23-year-old who, while being consistent over the five years he has been performing, really took it up a notch.

When the dust had settled, and the rags were put away, Icon was basking in his accomplishments.

He walked away with the coveted Road March crown, with his addictive, groovy hit, “Two Knee”, as he had many women all through the Carnival season, describing this ailment in their knees.

He also copped third place in the Soca Monarch competition for his effort.

So how does Icon plan to stay focussed?

As 2009 shapes up to be another monster year for the energetic young soca star, he told SEARCHLIGHT that he has been surrounding himself with positive role models in the music industry.

“I try to surround myself with people who could guide me,” he said.

Icon told SEARCHLIGHT that veterans like Gideon James and calypsoian Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar are the people he allows to speak into his ear and keep him grounded despite his success.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that while the industry is very competitive, he will be avoiding the mud slinging and personal rivalries which, as recently as last year, threatened to take away from the Carnival celebrations.

He is set to sign a contract with Magma Music group, which is run by another of his mentors, Adrian Bailey, and said he is looking forward to going to another level with his music.

This year, Icon, who has released four hit songs: “Teaser”, “The Party Nice”, “Clash”, which he did with First Lady and his Soca Monarch number for this year “Get On”, is already a force to be reckoned with.

The former student of the St. Vincent Grammar School told SEARCHLIGHT he is looking forward to producing music of different styles, as he expands his horizons.

Icon has also written songs for several artistes, including the song “Addictive” for Gideon James, and “We Jamming” for Shanelle Samuel.

Icon was this week named the face of furniture and appliance giant COURTS St Vincent Limited’s Carnival promotion. (KJ)