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March 20, 2009
Dalrymple wins inaugural Miss SVGCC Teen Heritage

Seventeen-year-old Ashée Dalrymple has been crowned the first ever Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) Teen Heritage. She secured her place at the top after a long night of tough competition.{{more}}

Dalyrymple along with four other beauties: Austinsha Solomon, Shanice Thompson, Ronika Medford and Shavsha Speedwell all vied for the title at the Club 40/40 (formerly Marcomay) at Villa on Saturday March, 14th, 2009.

The pageant is just one of a series of events planned by the Community College to assist student Rodney King who is in need of kidney transplant surgery, estimated to cost $150,000.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT just after she was crowned, Dalyrymple, still shaking in shock, explained her excitement on winning. “I didn’t expect to win!” she said. In a quick flurry of words, Dalyrymple proceeded to explain that she was sure she was going to be first or second runner up. Upon hearing her name announced, she said she was truly surprised, “I was like, Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

Placing second was Shanice Thompson, while Austinsha Solomon was third. The Miss Photogenic award went to Shavsha Speedwell and Shanice Thompson was considered the friendliest amoung the group, gaining The Miss Congeniality title. The Best Ambassadorial speech and Best Interview awards went to Shanice Thompson.

The show, which had a late start and interruptions because of rain, however did not disappoint as the ladies put on an entertaining show for a packed house. Vice President of the Heritage Club Kimeisha Bailey said, “I think we had a good turn out, we didn’t cater for that much.” Bailey added that the show, which was expected to cater for 350 persons, brought out a crowd of over 500 persons.

The show focused mainly on the portrayal of the heritage of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with the young ladies each competing in ambassadorial speech, cultural wear, talent and interview categories.

Each contestant gave a three-minute ambassadorial speech. Shavsha Speedwell spoke about Dr Earle Kirby, Ronika Medford spoke on Ebenezer T. Joshua, Shaniece Thompson spoke on Dr Cecil Cyrus, Ashée Dalyrymple spoke on Educator Norma Keizer, and Austinsha Solomon spoke about Lawyer and politician Parnell Campbell.

The talent segment was packed with entertainment and featured culturally creative, skits, speeches and songs. Copping the best talent title was Ashée Dalyrymple who impersonated an old man “Daddy Old Foot” in a humorous skit in which she informed the audience of iconic Vincentians such as Ebenezer Joshua and Milton Cato.

The audience was treated to an array of beauty, and glamour as the ladies presented their cultural wear depicting aspects of Vincentian heritage such as the Soufriere volcano, Black Fish, the struggles of Chatoyer, Peaceful Serenity and the Botanical Gardens. Ashee Dalyrymple won in this category for her gown’s portrayal of the ‘Struggles of Chatoyer’.

Performances of the night included Soca artistes Luta, Tabia, Skarpyon, the Avenue and Arabesque dancers and the SVGCC Performing Arts Society. (OS)