Local Vibes
February 20, 2009
High fashion at the House

by J. Soso-Vincent 20.FEB.09

Showcasing an impressive parade of creations by budding young designers, Image Modeling Agency and Grenadine House hosted “High Fashion at the House” on Sunday, February 15, which gave patrons a tantalizing taste of homegrown talent.{{more}}

Included in the line-up were designers Jeremy Payne, Karen De Freitas-Fraser, Ebika Kagbala, Kimya Glasgow, Lisa Cordice, Cassandra Williams, Ingrid John and Sherika Sayers. Their clothing and accessories highlighted the influence of the Africans, English, French, Portuguese and Indians. There was much use of vibrant, vivid colours, crisp tailoring, daring necklines and hem-lines, accompanied by generous swaths of lace, cotton, satin and other materials. Some of the more unusual designs emphasized just how imaginative the designers were.

Set against the backdrop of the exquisite interior of Grenadine House, the fashion show was preceded by a buffet of tea and refreshments, then promptly ran into the main event, which flowed as smoothly as the water from the hotel’s fountain. Image models sashayed through the audience like peacocks proudly displaying the works of art that the eight designers had created.

It was apparent that the audience greatly enjoyed the show – something Event Organiser Monique Tash thoroughly agreed with. Tash, who heads Image Modeling Agency and is the owner of Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre, expressed how pleased she was with the turnout to the show. She explained that the show, which is scheduled to be a yearly event, helps designers to “…build confidence in themselves.” Tash added: “This is our way of assisting younger people and showing them how to organise their collection. Additionally, she related that she would like to see a government organisation take up the mantle of providing local young designers with the appropriate training.

Tash took the opportunity to announce to SEARCHLIGHT that Fashion Caribbean will return this year, and is scheduled to take place on October 31, 2009. The theme will be “Fresh Faces of Fashion”.

Sponsors for “High Fashion at the House” included Grenadine House, Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre, Twinings, EVE, Fashion Caribbean 9 and Kimya Glasgow Designs.