Local Vibes
July 6, 2007
Celeste Johnny a new name in fashion design

A sea of glamour swept the shores as Johnny Vincent’s ‘Paradise’ swimwear collection landed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at Mije’s Carnival Catwalk 2.{{more}}

With a complete set of Vincy roots, designer Celeste Johnny says that interest in the world of fashion and design is a common thread in her family, no surprise, as she is the niece of Mije’s very own Jean Johnney-Findlay.

Of her designs, Johnny said her target customers are averaged sized women, and added that she aims to make all women feel sexy in her designs. She mentioned that previous modeling experience helped her to understand the fashion world, and said her inspiration comes from old Hollywood, as well as by thinking of how different fabrics and gowns may be transformed into swimwear.

With a trip to St.Lucia next on her agenda, Johnny said she hopes to sell her designs in local boutiques, already having gained the interest of Basil’s in Mustique. She said a plus size and men’s line are in store for the future for Johnny Vincent, which will have been established for a year this September. (KP)