Lawyer Boy ‘Gone Clear’ for Vincy Mas 2007
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June 1, 2007
Lawyer Boy ‘Gone Clear’ for Vincy Mas 2007

In the courtroom he is known as Lawyer Lindon George, but last year with his track “Soca Anthem” he made his mark in the musical arena by reaching the Soca Monarch finals with the stage name, “Lawyer Boy.” And for 2007, with his new track called “Gone Clear”, Lawyer Boy might be breaking the musical rules.{{more}}

George admitted to Searchlight that his creative side has always been itching to come out and his debut performance last year only heightened the appetite of his fans and now they have called for more.

The Mesopotamia resident revealed that while growing up, he had always loved carnival but was more of a spectator rather than a participant. He confessed that while his profession as a lawyer kept him busy in his young adult life, he realized that partakers of Vincy Mas seemed to have more fun than the on lookers. Having no regret that he became a music artist, George said that the success of the festival depends on people participation and said that his song motivates people to appreciate the strides made in Vincy Mas.

George explained, “When we say “gone clear” we mean that we have gone far beyond the expectations and for the 30th anniversary of Vincy Mas, St Vincent and the Grenadines has gone clear. We continue to do wonderful things with our costumes and in music and it’s time for Vincentians to put on their party shoes and celebrate.”

With the music for “Gone Clear” arranged by the famous Barbadian producer Deepu Panjwani of Lethal Studios, George described his track as energetic and said that it has the potential to grow on people. The lawyer turned artist said that he wouldn’t mind being a household name and becoming a trendsetter in the music business who was known for his popular hook lines and clever compositions.

He said that his style is not the bacchanal jump and wave kind of vibe but described it as “party music” which can be played year round and be enjoyed by all.

So look out for other new releases for 2007 such as “Woman Thirsty” and “Go Go Dancer” from Lawyer Boy.