Waiting in the wings- chaperones task as difficult as contestants
Local Vibes
May 11, 2007
Waiting in the wings- chaperones task as difficult as contestants

They’re present at all rehearsals, question and answers sessions, gown fittings and talent practices.

They’re motivators, comforters and advisors, and they appear more emotional and tense than their protégés.{{more}}

As the 2007 Miss SVG contestants made their first appearance at Saturday’s launching at the Chamber Of Commerce Car Park, the chaperones standing at the front and sides of the stage seemed to be just as excited as the thousands who turned out mainly for that particular moment.

And after the first test, the contestants, chaperones and fans were all proud of the work put in so far, with high expectations for the activities to come.

The task of the chaperone is a tiresome one, but the persons entrusted to look out for the needs of the contestants, believe that it is a task worth taking on.

Speaking to Searchlight newspaper on Saturday night, a number of chaperones expressed that although it was a tedious job, it was an enjoyable one. And being able to help the next Miss SVG is a reward in itself.

Some being former Miss SVG contestants, a number of chaperones understand what it’s like on the other side of the spectrum, and one former winner indicated that it’s easier being the contestant than the chaperone.

According to her; “Being the contestant you are the one being taken care of, and you have less to worry about. The chaperone does the worrying for you.”

Some of the contestants’ caretakers were not past participants, but their range of experience is just as beneficial to the young ladies. From fashion designers to entertainers and mothers, they do their best to make the contestants as comfortable as possible.

And whether it’s at the secondary schools they are scheduled to visit today, or press conferences or caravans, you are sure that the eight talented beauties will have their hard working aides close beside them with some motivation, encouragement and little face powder if the need arises.