Carnival launch a blast
Local Vibes
May 11, 2007
Carnival launch a blast

Saturday’s turn out in Kingstown and in the rural areas should have sent a strong message to the Carnival Development Corporation, mas men, pan sides, artists and artistes – Vincentians are ready to party.

While thousands were in the Chamber of Commerce car park taking in the many cultural performances and the appearance of the Miss SVG contestants, thousands more were taking part in a street jump up as if in rehearsal for the actual event on July 9th and 10th.{{more}}

Many persons who were present for Saturday’s launching at the various venues proclaimed they were hoping the 2007 slogan will ring true to every word.

They were lamenting last year’s celebrations, which they complained were lacking the zest that usually is Vincy Mas. They are hoping that this year being the pearl anniversary, that organizers and entertainers will go the extra mile to make this year’s festivities as memorable as possible.

Junior pan players perform at the launching of Vincy Mas 2007 at the Chamber of Commerce car park.

On the other hand, the CDC representatives and other persons speaking at the opening ceremony appealed for Vincentians to take an active and positive role in carnival 2007, by among other things, observing the no bottle policy, leaving weapons at home and refraining from violence.

Expectations are high this time around, with persons looking forward to a number of landmark shows, including the Miss SVG, Soca Monach, Dimanche Gras, Glow and Junior Carnival.

And most persons are hoping that the high airfares and the introduction of VAT would not deter persons from visiting and spending.

With an increase in funding for this year’s festivities, the CDC is hoping to make this one of the most memorable carnivals, but it will also be up to the locals and visitors to make sure that this is realized, since it takes full participation to make the pearl anniversary shine.