John walks away with the 2006 Master Chef title
Local Vibes
March 2, 2007

John walks away with the 2006 Master Chef title

Christopher John has been named “2006 Master Chef”. His award came at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association SVGHTA, Vincy Flavours award ceremony last Saturday at the Cruise Ship Terminal.

John, who is a chef at the Young Island Resort was among several other culinary professionals who concocted dishes and drinks at Heritage Square at the Vincy Flavours competition on December 2, to showcase the best in food and beverages.{{more}}

The Master chef will lead a team of nine persons in the culinary arts to represent this country at “Taste of the Caribbean” cooking competition to be held in June.

President of the SVGHTA, Bianca Porter said that competitions in the culinary arts helped to nurture and challenge the skills of persons in that sector and praised the innovators, Francelia Marksman and Sharon Hadaway for coming up with the idea.

Giving an overview of Vincy Flavours 2006, which was held under the theme “From Whence We Came,” Marksman pointed out that participants were judged in Recipe, Culinary, Bar and Beverage and also announced that a recipe booklet would be produced to showcase the work of the participants.

She noted that the participants completed their work under inclement weather and a red tent, which made everything appear in the same hue and also made it difficult to distinguish the true colours of the food and drinks that were prepared. Marksman said that the event would bridge the gap between the traditional and modern culinary and beverage presentations and improve the styles, trends, philosophies and techniques among other things.

Also speaking at the award ceremony was Minister of Tourism Glen Beache who urged Vincentians not to scorn local foods, which he emphasised were more nutritious than fast foods. He called on persons in the culinary arts to be outstanding in their presentations so that they could shine brighter than others in the region and internationally.

The theme for next year is “Vincy Flavours 2007, the Essence of Tradition; Savouring a cocktail of St Vincent and the Grenadines Flavours.”

Lennox Sprott of Raffles Resort was Master Bartender, Ginelle John of the Technical College was Junior Chef, Rodalle Miller of Young Island Resort was named the Senior Chef and Edward Blucher was Master Pastry Chef.