Local Jewellery at ‘Toute Bagai’
Local Vibes
February 9, 2007

Local Jewellery at ‘Toute Bagai’

Mije’s 12th Anniversary fashion show “Toute Bagai” held last Saturday at the Cruise Ship berth featured jewellery from two local designers.

Managing Director of Mije Jean Johnney-Findlay told SEARCHLIGHT “We have to give the local designers the opportunity to show case their creations, their pieces range from simple to sophisticated and complemented what the models were wearing”.{{more}}

Alicia Simmons of Alicia’s Creations who usually sells in front of the Vegetable Market on Back street, said “I am really excited, this is a great opportunity for me, I make functional jewellery that anyone can wear”. The other designer Ingrid John who has Natural Beats in the Kenmars Building told SEARCHLIGHT, “My work is inspirational and people got a chance to see some one of a kind pieces, I use natural materials like fish scales and seeds”.

The two designers also got a chance to strut thecatwalk to much kudos.