Bridges marks 40 years in music
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February 9, 2007
Bridges marks 40 years in music

He learned to play the guitar at age three, by age 13 he was already in three bands. This year he celebrates 40 years as a musician and with five albums under his belt, Eugene Hideaway Bridges continues to bring a lot to the musical table.

The son of blues player turned preacher “Hideaway Slim”, Bridges said he knew that music was his calling before he was out of diapers.

“It was just like I just woke up one day and wanted to play the guitar,” he said to SEARCHLIGHT last Friday night at Club Iguana. “By three I had learned to play and ten years later I had already formed three bands.”{{more}}

A music which derived from spiritual music and struggle in the southern United States, Blues is considered the father of other genres such as jazz, rock and roll, R&B and hip hop. Bridges says blues covers such a wide base because musicians and people of every culture can relate to the music and the message.

“Blues tells a story, a story about growing up poor, about struggling, a mean boss, or a bad relationship,” Bridges said “And every culture and race can relate to those things, but the message is that at the end of the day ‘everything is gonna be alright’.”

Bridges cites blues legend BB King to which some says he bears a slight resemblance, as his favorite artiste, and credits life itself as the inspiration for his music.

The cousin of another famous musician Annie Mae Bullock, also known as Tina Turner, Bridges was born in New Orleans Louisiana and now lives in Texas, Australia, Latvia, Singapore and London.