Vincy blockbuster
Local Vibes
December 8, 2006

Vincy blockbuster

It had all the necessary ingredients to make a blockbuster movie just like we often see in Hollywood. Beautiful stage setting, brilliant actors, lights, cameras, the whole works.

On November 24, 2006 the Peace Memorial was transformed into a burial ground as the Kingstown Methodist Dramatists presented a three-night production entitled “Stone”. The dead came to life and taunted the audience from start to finish, keeping them on the edge of their seats.{{more}}

The play showcased a man named “Ronald”, played by Selwyn Stewart who dies from a single bee sting and wakes up in a cemetery but does not believe that he has gone to the great beyond. He interacts with other dead people who relate to him the story of his death. He is then dealt the wrath of a mad woman affectionately called “Matilda” who was poisoned by her husband’s lover.

But perhaps the man of the hour to many was Kaliym Woods who played the role of “Elude”.

A fisherman who was killed some 25 years ago in a car accident while drinking and driving, Elude portrayed a man who knew about everyone in the cemetery and revealed secrets from their past existence. Every time the young actor hit the stage, gut-busting laughter filled the hall as he gave a stellar performance each night.

He unveils everyone’s secrets but failed to recognise his personal demons. His wife was subjected to abuse throughout his lifetime and was constantly reminded that she had married again and had kids of her own.

The play also highlighted some of today’s social ills such as alcohol and physical abuse.

Director of the production, Kevin Roderigues said, that he was very pleased with the performance of the actors.

He said the main aim of the play was to highlight certain aspects of love, abuse and peace.

“We worked tirelessly over three months to get this production on its feet and I am happy the way it turned out,” said Rodrigues.

As for his immediate plans, he hopes to take his production on the road and give communities a taste of the talent of the Kingstown Methodist Dramatists.

The Methodist Dramatists was one of four groups that participated in this year’s National Commercial Bank’s (NCB) National Community Drama Festival. The other participants were the Wave Theatre, Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and the Community College.