Vincentian Hall of Fame
Local Vibes
November 10, 2006

Vincentian Hall of Fame

The legacy of outstanding Vincentians is being kept alive in a Hall of Fame gallery at the Russell Shopping Mall compound located at Stoney Grounds.

Founder of the facility, entrepreneur Randolph Russell said that this was one of his proudest establishments since this was his way of paying tribute to Vincentians who have made significant contributions to help develop the nation.{{more}}

Russell mentioned stalwarts such as Lewis Punnett, who established a home for the elderly many years ago and emphasised that Punnett would be disappointed because of the way the senior citizens home was today dilapidated.

Russell whose photo also hangs in the gallery as an inductee, was commended by Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste for conceiving and implementing the Hall of Fame.

She expressed her desire to establish a National Library, National Park and National Museum which would also honour Vincentians.

Some of the inductees include Minister Baptiste’s mother, Beryl Baptiste, this country’s first National Hero Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer, Chief Minister, Ebenezer Joshua, Sir Rupert John and Sir Lambert Eustace.

Persons can now visit the Hall of Fame, which was opened on Tuesday October 3.