One on One with the energy god
Local Vibes
November 10, 2006

One on One with the energy god


Straight out of Jamaica, O’Neal “Elephant Man” Bryant is one of the most vivacious performers in the music industry. Having worked with big name artistes such as Janet Jackson, Lil John, Ying Yang Twins and Busta Rhymes, “Ele” as he is also known, has just signed with P Diddy’s Bad Boy Record label.

Born on September 11, 1976 “Ele” was first nick named “Dumbo” because his ears were so big, but later got the name “Elephant Man.”

Sporting what must be millions of dollars in diamonds and his trade mark yellow and orange hair style at the Independence show on Saturday October 28 at the Victoria Park BuZz got the chance to go One on One with the “The Energy god.”{{more}}


Q: How do you feel about the show?

A: Well very excited! Yo done know we have to come and give the people and dem a good work out. We come to give them a good show and make sure that they enjoy themselves so that everybody have a belly full and make sure that dem enjoy themselves.

Q: How you got the name Elephant Man?

A: Ha, Ha…Well that is from the good old days from down in Sea View Garden when they give me that name. But yo done know ah de energy god side here so ah mad things ah go on.

Q: Elephant, why do Vincentians love you so much?

A: Well yo done know, is the love that we bring and the vibes and the joy. You have to make the people enjoy themselves and make them feel the love. Ah dat we do and we just be real with the people and make them enjoy themselves.

Q: You have worked with a lot of big names in the music industry. Who has been the greatest so far?

A: Well all of them great none better than none. All of them! Me have to tell the whole of them that them play them part in me success and me grateful. I did a song with Lil John and that helped me a lot, one with Janet Jackson, one with R Kelly, another with Will Smith so “every little bit mek a muckle” you know? So I won’t say that one special, is the whole of them.

Q: What’s for the future for Ele ?

A: Well we just signed to Bad Boy Records and the album coming out next year March so is murder right now. The remix of “Out and Bad” is coming out with me and Diddy and the girls dem from Pussy Cat Dolls so is mad things.

Q: Ele you put the dance in Dancehall back, how does it feel to help put the Caribbean on the map with this genre of music?

A: It feel real good and it is a pleasure because guess what now? People have to enjoy themselves; my thing is to also expose the people talent like the dancers. So we just play some happy music for people to enjoy and lively up themselves.

When you have even kids enjoying my music that says something about you. The music have to happy to draw people to you.

Q: Ele this is a controversial question. I notice that you down play homosexuality a lot. Why?

A: Me don’t have nothing against nobody when dem ah do dem thing, seen? But with a performance we have to mek the people enjoy themselves. Me nah say we have to hold that bwoy and kill him. Me just ah say that me nah dey pon dem things dey. Ah just God we deal with, we nah promote dem things dey.

Q: So you don’t actually hate the people but you hate the act itself?

A: Exactly, you want do what you want to, nah badda look for me to look for you and run you down and do nothing. It nah right, we doesn’t like dat thing dey.

Q: What do you have to tell the youth around the world?

A: Love God alright and live because he ah the man that mek everything possible, you know? You have to love God and put God first in ah everything you do. When you put God in ah everything, you can’t go wrong.

Q: Finally, What do you have to tell the Vincentian people?

A: Ah got to tell St.Vincent people say, me love them with all me heart and I enjoyed the two days on the island and I’m looking forward to coming back again. Bless Up!