Local Vibes
November 10, 2006

Earl Abbott is back in action

While most youngsters at school were talking of becoming engineers and bankers, Earl Abbott yearned to pursue a career behind a broadcast microphone in radio.

For years Radio 705 was the only broadcast station and when the new FM licences were being distributed throughout the country, the Belvedere resident felt that his time had come.{{more}}

In 1997 this desire became a reality when he applied to Hitz FM and WE FM and landed a position at the latter under the radio name “The Dream.”

Admitting that it was never about popularity, but about a love for people Abbott enjoyed his stint at WE FM but left to open his own recording studio at his home where he produces and voices his own commercials.

In March of 2003, Abbott took up a position at NBC Radio but in September tragedy struck. While driving to work Abbott got into an accident and ended up breaking his leg in three places. He spent 10 grueling weeks in the hospital, a year on his back and a year and a half in rehabilitation.

It was traumatic for the radio announcer but he confessed that he doesn’t look back and grieve over what happened but sees it as just a part of one life’s trials, which he survived.

“I had eight spikes sticking out of this leg and I had to sleep on one side of my body for months but I just had to deal with it. That is how I perceive life, no matter how dire the situation looks, you may be in debt, you had an accident or you’ve lost a loved one, know that tomorrow is another day,” he advised.

So after that two and a half year hiatus and numerous questions of how soon he would be returning to radio by fans, Abbott in August of 2006 returned to microphone but this time to Hitz FM where he co-hosts the “Deuce Morning Show” with former Miss SVG Javorne Williams.

Confessing that the love he has received from the people has been overwhelming Abbott said that he hopes to raise the standard of radio broadcasting.

He revealed, “Back in the day to hear raunchy adult content music you had buy a record or go in the club. Today there is just too much sexuality being exported on the radio and no matter how much editing one does the content of the message is still obvious. The reigns on censorship seemed to have been loosened and there needs to be some level of censorship.”

Abbott confessed that he considers himself a student of radio and ensures that he plays music that his six-year old daughter could listen to.

Besides a love for music, Abbott realizes that his fans inspire him and thanks them for the support and also for the criticism.

“It is just that easy for people who listen to you to turn off their radio or switch to another station, so I appreciate their love. While I am also grateful for the kudos I also accept the criticism which helps me to re-examine myself. Life is about taking the good with the bad and living your dream,” he smiled.