Dynamites tent explodes in New York for Vincy Mas
Local Vibes
June 16, 2006

Dynamites tent explodes in New York for Vincy Mas

by Maxwell Haywood 16.JUN.06

On June 9, thirteen United States based Vincentian calypsonians, backed by Lambert and the Matadors Orchestra, performed with the New York based Dynamites Calypso Tent before a relatively full house and a team of judges from St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

It was the turn of the Dynamites calypsonians to face the judges for selection to the semi-finals of the national calypso monarch competition 2006. This well-anticipated event took place at the popular Café Omar in Brooklyn.{{more}}

After Verna Arthur rendered the national anthem, Ainsly Primus, President of the Dynamites Calypso Tent, in his welcoming remarks proudly proclaimed to the audience that “Sticks of dynamites will explode tonight”. In addition, Hasson Kennedy, President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Calypso Association, was visibly in a happy mood at seeing the strength of the Dynamites Calypso Tent. During his welcoming remarks, Kennedy told the audience that “Calypso is up” in New York.

Following this, thirteen sticks of calypso dynamite exploded in a surge of calypso social commentary, with each dynamite blazing a trail by singing one calypso.

First up was Lord Fish who delivered his song called “Progress” in which he appealed for a better attitude if you want progress since according to him progress takes time. He was followed by Josey who reminisced on the way “It used to be”, and made the observation that gone are the days when we used to live in harmony and with respect. Then came Fabulous T with his soca song called “She selling”. He was not his usual lively and energetic self since he was clearly not pleased with the way the band supported his performance.

Dennis Bowman pleadingly called for a ‘Strong constitution” for national success and development, while Bob MC appealed to all Vincentians and especially calypsonians to “Fraid Them”, referring to all those people who killed Glenn Jackson.

Ras X delivered his crowd-pleasing song in which he highlighted some of our actions which are driving us toward “Swimming on dry land”. Right on the blazing heels of Ras X came I Mad who made it clear that he sings “Calypsos with soul” so he will never sell his soul, and he warned calypsonians and soca artistes that they should know that children are listening, so hit them with calypso that has soul. Very hot on the trail of I Mad was Detector who rendered a much improved performance compared to the opening night of the Dynamites Calypso Tent on May 19. He demanded that politicians must “come good” since they are doing contradictory things, but he is strong because they “Don’t bother me”.

When Exposer’s time came to light his dynamite, he gently took the microphone and started prescribing that only a true “Country man” should lead SVG and he went on to demonstrate how to identify a true country man.

Without easing up on the high voltage of calypso social commentary that came before, The Man Age, who is this year celebrating 30 years in the calypso arena, delivered another crowd-pleaser in his song called “Ghetto Man to the Heart” in which he reflected on his works in the cultural arts and declared that he sings the way he does because of his ghetto roots and his commitment to defend the interest of poor people and those in the ghetto.

Then came Striker, who with his song called “Politician”, was clearly not pleased with the behavior of political leaders in SVG. Following Striker was John Dougan who continued the calypso surge, and he provided justification why the present Government needed “Another term”. Finally, in his song called “The picture”, Superdex zoomed in and focused his calypso lens on the social ills and evils confronting society and he kept asking what more.

After these sticks dynamite left a heat in Café Omar, the musical explosion continued. There were several guest performers, including Waly Sho Shanny, a girl of approximately ten years of age. She captured attention and love from the audience with her performance. Also appearing were Scorcher, Winston Soso, John Cato, Lively, Puffy, Curtis C, and Grenadian Val Adams.

The judges were Clive Bishop, Earl Paynter, and Roddie Dowers. Calypso fans in New York are eagerly waiting to see who the judges will select to represent the New York based Vincentian Dynamites Calypso Tent during the national calypso monarch semi-finals in SVG on Friday, June 30.