Fatty Dan goes gospel
Local Vibes
June 2, 2006
Fatty Dan goes gospel

Aloma “Fatty Dan” Cadougan has a lot to be grateful for and she definitely plans to show appreciation to her Creator when she is released from the hospital.

The veteran calypsonian announced that in the future, she would be using her vocal talents to sing gospel music.{{more}}

Speaking with BuzZ , the performer confessed, “This is the end and the beginning for Fatty, I want to give God the praise. I had so many years out there with good calypsoes, so why can’t I do some Gospel now?”

The 49-year-old learnt of her illness after she felt tenderness in her left breast and sought medical attention.

Although she was at first diagnosed with a rare cancer, after prayers and some four months of asking God to spare her life, her illness was later re-diagnosed as fluids in the breast.

Believing that she has received a miracle, the patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital wants to give glory to God.

However, she has not been given the “all clear”, as the fluid has settled around her lungs, heart and legs making them swollen and extremely painful.

Still grateful for life, Fatty Dan revealed that there was one night when she seemed to have fallen unconscious and thanked the nurses and doctors for ensuring that she was well cared for.

She also expressed gratitude to the Vincentian public for supporting the “To Fatty with Love” benefit concert which was put on by the Graduates Calypso Tent on Tuesday May 30.

She confessed, “Everytime I heard the ad on the radio I felt like crying, I want to thank everyone for supporting me and praying for me.”

Asked if she was considering a change of name to sing gospel, with a chuckle, the artist remarked, “I done fat already and I done the Dan…(laughs)…so maybe I could be Gospel Dan?”