Local Vibes
May 26, 2006
Wires removed from Bomani’s jaw

Soca Artiste Orande “BOMANI” Charles took his first big step towards recovery from his broken jaw today. After five weeks of having his jaw totally wired up he had some of the wires removed on Wednesday. He is scheduled to have the remainder of the hardware taken out next week.

Bomani, feeling quite relieved, stated to his manager, “I have a new appreciation for the simple pleasure of being able to chew solid food.” Because of his wired jaw he has not been able to eat solid food for the past five weeks.

He anticipates the release of some of his sounds for Vincy Mas 2k6 by the end of this week and thanks all of his fans and well wishers for their support. His participation for the festival still remains questionable but he hopes to be home for it.