Justice music
Local Vibes
May 5, 2006
Justice music

Anyone who has ever been successful in the music industry will tell you that it is not an easy journey, but two youngsters from the Paul’s Avenue area have taken the first steps towards making their dreams a reality.

Wayne Caine, also known as “Justice” and Jomo “Volcano” Kenyatta have teamed up along with a few other artistes to produce 12 tracks on their first CD. {{more}}

The devoted followers of Haille Sallassie described themselves as musical warriors, and expressed the belief that they are ordained to sing for the conscious upliftment of the nation.

They pointed out that the tracks which were produced in the studios of DJ Donovan have titles such as, “Joy in Ah Me Life Again,” “Throd Through the Fire,” and “Live and Love Life”.

Justice admitted that he doesn’t sing for monetary gain, but believes that everyone is born with a talent that could bring economic power.

He explained, “We are all money trees, and once we plant and nurture that talent it will grow, but we have to use it and be patient.”

Jomo Kenyatta, who is based in the U.S., also expressed the hope to do more for the youth through music. He said that young people must educate themselves, not just academically but about black consciousness.

He expressed concern that too many people were enticed by TV shows that portray wealthy lifestyles but poor spiritual upliftment. He said materialism and vanity are causing young people to live a life of crime to “get rich quick”.

He called on young people to not be ashamed of their African history and ethnicity but to be proud of their indigenous roots.