Easy ride for Nelson Bloc
Local Vibes
April 13, 2006
Easy ride for Nelson Bloc

Ossie Constance could be described as the premiere Mas designer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He has been drawing for Mas bands for over 20 years. And of the nine times that Nelson Bloc has won the band of the Year title, Constance has been the designer eight times.

This year, he is anticipating another Band of the Year title for Digicel Nelson Bloc. Digicel Nelson Bloc will present “Conquerors” with 11 sections: ‘The fun bearer,’ ‘Mongolians,’ ‘Centurian,’ ‘Vestal Virgins,’ ‘Vikings,’ Royal Shield Bearers, Athena, Elizabethan, Carthage, and The Yanks. {{more}}

Constance is also the designer for six other bands, including two in the United States of America, but he sees no conflict in his operations.

Speaking from his house at Upper New Montrose, Constance declared: “Every band that I draw, I try (to) give them a winning band.”

Constance, originally from the Paul’s Avenue area added: “Each band has a different theme.”

He sketches his designs with pencil then applies a colourful paintbrush.

Asked how he manages to arrive at the different colour schemes, Constance pointed to his wife Jolene Wynne. She has become a veteran in the Mas circles, having portrayed Queen of the Band costumes on many occasions.

“She has a knack for colours,” Constance stated.

“The hardest part of my work is the colour,’ he admitted. But with Jolene in his corner, everything is taken care of.

Nelson Bloc launches its 2006 production this Monday with a Fair at the Bishop’s College Compound. At 5 pm, the designs of the 11 sections will be unveiled, and masqueraders can chose their preferred sections. In addition to the traditional activities of dips, punchboard, and bouncing castle, the Digicel Rhythmix steel orchestra will provide live Pan music.

Thereafter, persons can register at Digicel Nelson Bloc’s office at Number Nine Shop in the George McIntosh Community Market.

Nelson Bloc expects 1000 masqueraders this year and their Mas Camp is located at Wilson Hill, next to the St. Martins Secondary School.

Sean Brewster, Nelson Bloc’s PRO outlined: “The designs are not just carbon copies of historical depictions, but a fine blend of ancient and contemporary art that is respectful of the rich history of the depictions, while at the same time showcasing the modern trends in carnival design.”

Nelson Bloc was formed in 1983.

Eleven bands will be taking part in this year’s carnival celebrations. The slogan for the 2006 festivity is ‘Vincy Mas 2006, Super Mas, Super Jamz, Super Mix.