Local Vibes
March 31, 2006
Vincy mas to kick -off with Miss SVG Pageant

Vincy Mas will be officially launched on Saturday May 6 at the Chamber of Commerce Car Park, but the first show to kick off the celebrations will be the Miss SVG Pageant on Saturday June 3 at the Victoria Park.

According to Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee, Cheryl Rodriguez, the pageant will showcase the diversity of seven young women who have career goals ranging from Psychology, the Performing Arts, Nutrition, to Business.{{more}}

Rodriguez noted that the seven contestants who have come forward so far are in training and will be interacting mainly with young people at secondary and tertiary institutions across the country.

She noted that the contestants will also take part in promotional drives across the country, and praised them for demonstrating their commitment to the development of culture through their participation.

The Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee said that they will not sacrifice quality for quantity and will ensure that the appearances at the show are of a high quality.

She noted that there was no shortage of sponsors for the young ladies and thanked the many businesses that came forward.

Minister of Culture Rene` Baptiste who was at the press conference on Tuesday March 21, revealed that she felt vindicated when a prominent economist who accompanied Sir Dwight Venner on a trip recently to this country praised her Ministry for having festivals such as Vincy Mas and Nine Mornings which he noted were good for the economy.