Venner: Get trained in Dance
Local Vibes
March 24, 2006

Venner: Get trained in Dance

With the belief that dance is on a tremendous rise in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Dance Development Officer in the Ministry of Culture Ann Marie Venner is calling on more persons to get trained in the art. {{more}}

Speaking with Buzz Magazine, Venner expressed concern that too many talented dancers do not take the time to learn the rudiments and discipline of dance.

She emphasised that dance requires a strong and flexible body but noted that too often persons just copy routines without getting in shape.

With her dance education obtained in Jamaica and the United States, Venner noted that too many dancers imitate the BET and Jamaican styles of dances, but have no interest in learning their own local routines.

Venner lamented, “Vincentian dancers should be honoured to express their culture like the Quadrille, Punta and May Pole, but too often I see dancers who just do steps that they see on BET. They should instead let those dance moves inspire them to do something that comes from within, but they instead copy entire routines.”

She noted that dancers who seriously want to go further in the art must look at formal training since dance is no longer looked upon as something that is done because a student is academically slow.

Venner said that the government would soon be forming the National Dance Company to promote traditional dances on a professional level, so that it will complement the competitive National Dance Festival and the non-competitive National Dance Showcase, events which are held in the country.