Uptown Alliance rules the dance
Local Vibes
March 24, 2006

Uptown Alliance rules the dance

They are a group of 15 young men and women who love the art of dance and call themselves the “Uptown Alliance Crew.”

Originating from villages all over the country, these creative youngsters do some of the latest dance crazes with excellent timing and tremendous skill. {{more}}

Formed in September 2005, some of the members started out performing at the Bishop’s College School grounds at the “Pasa Pasa” dance fiesta, but after that event faded, they formed themselves into Uptown Alliance and now regularly perform at the Jiggy Uptown dance event which is held on Saturdays at the Grenadines Wharf.

With leadership from their manager Toya Balcombe and President Mongolian Bascombe, the troupe hopes to take their art to the highest level, with tours throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

Literally following on the heels of some of the latest Jamaican dance moves, Uptown Alliance not only imitates some of the dance moves with precision but also come up with some of their own steps such as the Gramoxone, Infidelity, Turbulence, Velocity, Dog Face, Jog and Trigger Happy.

But these young people are not just dancing for the love of it, they also believe that dance is an effective way to relieve stress, and called on the ghetto youth to stop the fighting and to just keep it “jiggy.”

The Uptown Alliance dance crew’s most recent accomplishment was a cash prize of $1000 which they won at the Dance Wars contest which was held at the Colours Entertainment Centre on Saturday March 18.

Although the other two dance groups did not show up to compete in the show, the Uptown Alliance Dance Crew with their creative moves gave a great account of themselves and proved that they might have still danced their way to the top.