Kingstown Chorale hosts Valentine’s party
Local Vibes
February 10, 2006

Kingstown Chorale hosts Valentine’s party

For 50 long years the New Kingstown Chorale has entertained Vincentians and foreigners with the best of folk and classical music and given some of the best “Folk Operetta.”

Today they have expanded their repertoire to include popular music and calypso and have toured the Caribbean, U.S., Canada and the UK. {{more}}

Manager Jillian John said that the members are extremely committed hence the reason for the group’s longevity. She also attributed the decades long lifetime of the group to the loyalty of fans and expressed the hope that with recruitment of younger members, another 50 years would be added.

On Tuesday February 14 the group will have a cheese and wine party and entertainment package at Roy’s Inn, where patrons will be entertained with wonderful love songs.

The next big event for Kingstown Chorale will be the anniversary thanksgiving service on Wednesday April 19, the actual date the group was founded 50 years ago.

The New Kingstown Chorale was founded by musical genius Patrick “Pat” Prescod when he was just 24 years old.