Local Vibes
November 11, 2005
Poverty, HIV/AIDS exposed through poetry

AJA is a poet from Barbados who is on a mission to tackle the international issues of violence, poverty and HIV/AIDS through the artform.

The premiere performer is on a Caribbean tour, which started in Dominica in May 2005, and one of his stops is St.Vincent and the Grenadines on November 19 at Roy’s Inn. {{more}}

AJA, who is also a United Nations spokesperson, said the tour is part of an international campaign which he started against war and poverty and to generate an awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The concert will feature AJA with his band and local artistes. All proceeds will go to the Rotary Club of St. Vincent’s Projects.

While here AJA will also visit schools to talk about poverty eradication, peace and HIV/AIDS and will meet with local artistes to discuss these issues. Aspects of war torn countries he has visited will also be highlighted in his presentations.

His Caribbean tour also includes Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada and St.Kitts and is dubbed the “AJA Music 4 Life Tour.” Other countries that have shown interest include Guyana, Jamaica St. Lucia and Trinidad.

AJA has also performed at many international literary festivals and music festivals in the UK, Belgium South Africa, Colombia, Holland and Canada. He is known for his fusion of poetry with jazz music and rhythms, to create a unique sound.

He has produced six CDs of his works and poems. His latest publication is an e-book featuring perspectives, poems and photographs on war, poverty and HIV/AIDS.