Local Vibes
September 9, 2005
Youth back from World Youth Festival

A delegation of young people who attended the 16th World Youth and Students Festival in Caracas, Venezuela, now have a better understanding of the economic and social conditions affecting young persons from some of the poorer countries of the world.

The 15-member delegation which was led by the research assistant in the Prime Minister’s office, Lyndon George, interacted with young persons from countries such as Nepal, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.{{more}}

The 12-day conference looked at number of issues which ranged from the situation of child labour in the world, to housing for youths as a social right and not for capitalist gains. A number of matters related to the present status of racism, fascism and imperialism in the world, were also discussed.

The members of the delegation were Lyndon George, Nevlyn Antoine, Adaiah Providence, Brendan Richards, Sean Frederick, Kimone Francis, Amelia Jack, Collete Franklyn, Yuclan Lotmore, Vernamay Olliverre, Yvonne Patterson, Niquette Ballantyne, Asantha Alexander, Nikeisha Samuel and Roxanne Brudy.

Some 23 000 persons attended the 16th World Youth and Student Festival.