Local Vibes
September 2, 2005
Kaution Sounds Promotions gives back to society

It is not often that a group of young successful deejays give back to the society. Most, would just pocket their money after shows and move on to the next big event. But the five guys of Kaution Sound Promotions have proven to be a cut above the rest.

The team, made up of Junior Jacobs, Ricardo Dover, Kendal Grant, Junior Jack and Carl Phillips are giving back to where it is really needed, the youth. {{more}}

Jacobs said that during the group’s three-year existence, they have been providing needy students with school uniforms and transportation fees to ease the pressure off of their parents. He said that this year they provided 12-year-old Karim Dabriel, who will be entering the St.Martins Secondary School, with uniforms and 13-year-old Camique Adams, a third former at the Girls’ High School, with transport allowance for the entire year.

Jacobs said that their group was not all about making money for themselves, but was about giving back to the young people who support them. He said that it was important that they get a good start so that they would want to stay in school and achieve their goals.

Laughing loudly, Jacobs confessed: “Now I know how hard it was for my mother when she had to run up and down to buy uniforms for me. Getting the right size and everything was stress. But it was worth it.”

“We feel good when we give back.”

Asked how he felt when he gives back, Jacobs answered: “We know about struggling, we feel good when we give back. We keep the children from dropping out and being on the streets.”

Another member Dover, was quick to point out, “We love when the children meet us on the street and shout us up, it’s a good feeling. The other children we supported are doing well and we are glad we gave them a good start.”

Both recipients have expressed appreciation for the assistance. The more outspoken Karim Dabriel said that his mother was excited when she heard that Kaution was going to help him.

The Layou youngster said that he listens to the guys on radio and hopes that they continue to help others. Meanwhile, the shy Camique Adams of Carriere also expressed gratitude and wished the group success. Kaution Sounds Promotions’ next big event will be an outdoor sporting and cultural event for all ages called the “GSM Time Machine.”